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Our Starting Location! Hard Rock Cafe On The Las Vegas Strip
hard rock cafe las vegas strip
Gettin' The Party Started Inside The Hard Rock Cafe While You Wait.
3 stories of comfort, entertainment, food, and drink specials inside for our guests.
Don't waste your day sitting on a dirty sidewalk! Come Party with US!!!

edc vegas hard rock cafe   hard rock cafe edc

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The dates for EDC-2014 have been released! EDC will be held on Friday June 20th, Saturday June 21st and Sunday June 22nd 2014.  As you know each year Party Tours and BookMyRooms have teamed up to provide you with the best hotel rates and the best transportation services to and from the Las Vegas Speedway.  Please take a moment to review the benefits of purchasing with us!

Last year with Party Tours, our longest wait time over the weekend was only about 30 minutes!! This was our 3rd year doing transportation for EDC and has been a huge success.  We heard rumors of people that used other companies waiting in long lines that exceeded 3 hours to get out to the Speedway and another 3 hours getting back!! Some people were even turned away from some of these companies! Each year we watch many people who purchase a package with other companies that include transportation and they don't realize this transportation includes these crazy, unnecessary wait times.  These people end up buying our passes on top of what they already purchased spending way more than they ever needed to.  Save your money and just buy from us to begin with!!

See for yourself! Here are some of are happy clients from EDC-2013 Photo Gallery

Have we mentioned that we love our clients! Video from EDC-2013

  • Party Tours does not oversell our Buses.  We allot a specific amount of seats to sale for the event and once we get to that point, we close out our sales. Other companies will sell hundreds of tickets knowing that they do not have vehicles to accommodate that many seats. They could care less if you're stuck waiting for hours! We want your business back year after year so our reputation and services we sell are important to gain a happy repeat customer!
  • We have only 1 pick-up and drop-off location which is located at the Hard Rock Café on the strip.  It is center strip which means it is convenient to get to your hotel, no matter where you are staying on the strip. We only do one pick up and drop off location to avoid unnecessary stops so we can get you where you need to be as quickly as possible.
  • We are in the Transportation business.  This is what we do for a living and this is our town.    We are independent and can take any route necessary to get you as quickly and safely back and forth from the Las Vegas Speedway. Our professional drivers are in constant communication notifying each other if any problems come up such as heavy traffic and accidents so we can reroute immediately if we see a potential problem.  Obviously we can never predict traffic and accidents, but we can do our best to keep you moving and out of the mess. We don't have a bunch of untrained people that don't know this business like other companies just trying to make a quick buck.
  • Our staff is with you from start to finish of the event.  We care that you not only get there safely but that you return safely. This is a very long event in a harsh environment especially if you're not used to the heat. Our staff gets to know and recognize our guests so we literally will start picking you out of the crowds and getting you to the buses. We have a large staff that will wander the exits and are all in uniform and can be easily identified. Because we take count of our seats we are able to determine how many people are still in the speedway as buses are departing so that we can do our best never to leave anyone behind.
  • You can sign up for our text alerts and you can be notified on things like wait times, daily food and drink specials at the Hard Rock Café, last bus departing times, and traffic updates.
  • When you check in you are given a business card with emergency numbers that can be text at any time for questions. Our staff is on call 24-7 so you will always be able to reach someone for help.
  • Our name says it all "Party Tours".  We want to see you have a good time and enjoy such a memorable event. We are here to help with that experience! Our staff includes some of the best Las Vegas hosts that are trained in partying and showing you a good time! We provide surprise goodies, a fun environment while you wait, and our hosts keep the fun going throughout the night. Many of you that have been with us before can vouch for some of the craziness that takes place with us every year!

If you're an EDC vet than you know that as amazing of an experience this event is the absolute worst thing is getting to and from the Las Vegas Speedway. If you have never been here before and this is your first time, than let us pre-warn you. EDC is set up at the Las Vegas Speedway which is located 18 miles outside of town. You cannot walk to EDC from anywhere without risking your life. There is limited ways to get in and out of the speedway. Your options of getting to EDC are by Helicopter, Taxi, driving your own car, Limo, and Shuttle Bus. 

  • Helicopters are fast but not in the budget for 99.9% of us that can't afford to spend $4,000 per person for 3 days.
  • You can take a cab but their extremely costly, limited on how many people can ride together and obviously not an enjoyable ride.
  • Driving is an option but parking is limited out there and you are only allowed to take the I-15 Freeway in which every year quickly becomes a parking lot as soon as you get within 4 -5 miles from the event, and once you park hopefully you don't lose your car once parked.
  • Limos can be rented but yet again hourly rates are roughly $200 per hour and hourly minimums apply so they end up not being cost effective for most of us.
  • The next quickest way is by Shuttle Bus.  Shuttle Buses are the only cost effective yet reasonable way to get to EDC. Our shuttle bus service you can count on not being like any other shuttle service you have ever experienced. Experience matters! Don't waste your time waiting in boring lines!